In addition to providing seamless worldwide chauffeured transportation for our clients, we also offer personalized driving services. We will transport (drive) you and/or your vehicle (car, pickup, RV, rental truck / automatic or standard transmissions) from point A to B anywhere in North America (we are not licensed for trips originating AND ending in Canada). 

Who Are You?

You might be any one of these types of clients:

  • “snowbirds” who need their car transported from their winter home to their summer home (or vice versa)

  • a corporate executive relocating across the country for business who needs their vehicle(s) transported to a new location

  • anyone who enjoys (or needs to be) traveling by car, but does not like (or is not able) to do the driving themselves

  • a college student who needs their vehicle transported (driven) to school (or back home) for them

  • an auto dealer (or auto purchaser) who needs a vehicle transported (driven) cross-country

Additionally, there are endless other reasons why you may want to hire us to transport you and/or your vehicle(s) on a “road trip” and we are happy to entertain your needs and work with you. Please do not hesitate to inquire if we can be helpful to you in your unique circumstance. Transporting well-behaved pets will be considered on an individual basis. 

Who Are We?

We (Mary Claire Friesema and Ron Chamberlain) are a driving duo who absolutely loves to drive. As trained chauffeurs we each, individually, have 10+ years of full-time professional driving experience in urban, suburban, mountain, and rural environments; and in all weather conditions. Additionally, Ron has cross-country auto transport experience as an auto broker. We are professional in every respect, and experienced with high profile clients. The safety of the people and vehicles we transport is our absolute focus at all times. We possess USDOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) medical cards (which means we are both very healthy). We have regular State of Colorado clean driving records, and will be happy to provide a current copy of the same for you, upon request. We are non-smokers.


One of us (or both, on occasion, to tag-team drive) will work with you personally from your initial quote request, to driving you and/or your vehicle, to finalizing our transaction with you at the end of the trip. We understand that personal vehicles are . . . just that, very personal. With that thought ever present in our minds, we treat all vehicles with the utmost of respect and care. We will stay in contact with you as much as you wish, throughout the entire process, so you never have to guess where we are, or when we’ll arrive.  

We both carry (lifetime) National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands passes with us at all times, and are known to pass through any National Park on our driving route (as time permits, and with your permission).

We offer our long-distance driving service as a result of our current chauffeur-driven client base, who have requested us to transport their vehicles cross-country. We found the vehicle transport work to be personally rewarding, and look forward to expanding our driving service client base.

We LOVE what we do! 



If we drive your vehicle, we do not carry insurance on your vehicle. Our service should be viewed by you as though a friend were driving your vehicle, and we advise that you check with your insurance company prior to engaging our services. In the event your car requires service while in our possession, we will immediately call you for instructions, and you will be responsible for the cost of any repairs. We do carry nationwide roadside assistance, which covers us for minor roadside emergencies such as towing, battery jumps, and tire changes.

In the event, we drive you in our vehicle, we carry extensive insurance on all our vehicles, and are authorized by the USDOT to carry passengers across state lines.

A brief contract will be executed prior to the beginning of your trip to solidify all pertinent information, including cost, pick-up and drop-off addresses, vehicle registration and insurance, driver information (driver’s license), and any specific requests unique to your individual situation. No one will drive (or be allowed in) your vehicle except for those you have explicitly given permission to.


What is the Cost?  

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